Fixings Information

We offer a variety of different fixings to suit a number of different situations. In order to establish which weathervane fixing is best for your building, please read through the below options. If you choose the wrong fixing and need to swap at a later date, we are happy to do so as long as it can be returned in the same condition it was sent out in.

Gable End

This heavy duty bracket is only available with Medium and Large weathervanes. For attaching the weathervane to the gable end wall of a property, with the weathervane sitting proud of the ridge. This bracket extends by 16cm (6 1/2") as standard, but we can alter this to suit your requirements.


Only Available with the Medium and Large weathervanes. This is suitable where a property has a hipped roof or the Gable end walls are not prominent allowing the weathervane to be seen. The fitting is designed to be bolted over a standard 2” ridge board however should your ridge board vary from this please advise us in your order and we will be happy to make a bracket to fit any other sizes of ridge. The mounting pole needs to be fitted between two ridge tiles.


Only Available with the Medium and Large weathervanes. This fitting is designed to be used where the weathervane is to be fitted on top of a Spire, Cuppola, Clock tower, Bell tower or other structure where the roof comes to a point. The mounting pole is fitted with a length of threaded rod 30cm long. The rod is to be fed through a pre drilled hole in the crossmember directly beneath the central point of the roof.  We are able to vary the length of threaded rod if required.

L Bracket

Only available with the miniature weathervanes. This fitting is designed for attaching miniature weathervanes to the side of a shed or garage. It extends 6.5cm (2 1/2") as standard, but please measure the overhang on your building before ordering. We are happy to produce other sizes to suit your requirements.

Post Fixing

This fixing is suitable for mounting miniature weathervanes onto fence posts or any flat surface, such as the top of a wall in a suitable location with a minimum area of 750mmx750mm on top. This fitting can also be usefull for Traditional and Large size weathervanes which want to be mounted onto a flat surface.